How to find the reason for traffic drop

After so many panda and penguin updates from Google, here i am giving you some tips to recover from the traffic drop. There are lots of and lots of blogs and sites are getting hit by Google search engine updates. And many of them get lots of financial damage with due respect to the drop in traffic.

Why i am writing this? After the recent hummingbird update and penguin 2.1 i can give you tons of blogs and sites which got almost 30-60% of huge traffic drop. Though, Google claims that only 1% search query will be effected. And these 1% can bring 80% [almost] of change in your monthly income, in case, if you are only depended on the Google traffic.

So, here is some of the tips i have observed while checking the traffic stats of my blogs via google webmaster. Before i write more, i am assuming that your blog are verified from google webmaster and google analytics. Because google analytics stats will help you to understand the scenario much better and easy way.

How to Find the Reason

Before you do anything, find the reason, why google hit you? There are lots of updates are going on nowadays by google to making “search more user friendly”. [Semantic web search]. so, its kinda hard to find the reason for the traffic drop. But i am giving you some tips and tools to find the traffic drop for your blog.

Then the next question that comes into your mind is, how to find the reason for traffic drop? which google update has hit my blog? its quite important to know as it will give you right direction while working for the recovery. so, here is tool called Barracuda’s Panguin Tool which will exactly tell you about which google update, your blog has been hit.

you can just go to the home page and allow google analytisc access to this tool, and this tool will automatically fetch the google anaytics data and via using their own tool, they will show you by which google update your blog is got hit and you will get the traffic drop reason.

See how Google's algorithm updates have impacted your traffic

See how Google’s algorithm updates have impacted your traffic

So, now you will get the details by which alog update, your blog has been hit, the reason for traffic drop is now comes to your mind.

Harsh Aggrawal has mentioned the Reason for getting hit by Google Panda :-

  • A website with low quality (Thin content)
  • A website which works as content farm
  • A website with useless pages indexed in Google (Same as content farm)
  • A website with improper SEO structure
  • Duplicate content
  • Too many advertisements
  • Poor grammar
  • Slow site loading time
  • SEO over optimization (Black hat SEO)

Reasons for getting hit by Penguin updates

  • Over-optimized anchor text
  • Links to and from ‘bad neighbourhoods’
  • Too many links from irrelevant sites
  • Black or grey hat tactics such as comment spam, links from spun content, guest posts from questionable sites etc.

How to recover from Google Panda – Penguin – Hummingbird updates

Well, there are lots articles already available on internet which has give a good solutions for such problems. you can follow the below links, if you need a tutorial for the recovery. Else, i would suggest you to do it your self and not make any more backlinks, as backlinks are dead.

Promote your blogs on Google+, facebook, LinkedIN and twitter as much as you can. That’s key to get traffic nowadays.

How and Why Blogger Suspended my Account – How to Get it Back [Personal Experience]

This post is about my personal experience about how and why the blogger suspended my account, how i get it back. Reasons for suspension at free blogging platform, why i moved to self hosted platform and why you should too move on.

Since i started my blogging career, like all others i have also started my first blog at Just a simple one step sign up and you are all in the world of blogging. I love to blog at blogspot, as it is easy, Free, 100% uptime, no hosting charges and important, do not need any more knowledge of wordpress setup, domain registration and hosting charges. Thats what a noob wants in the initial stage of career.

Since starting of my blogging career, i didn’t get good traffic for my blogs, that makes me more curious to know about how to get traffic. Later, as the time goes on and things i learned, one of my blog started (which was hosted at blogspot with free domain extension ( started getting good traffic as it was quite old (since 2009), with too many post (500+) and more then 100,000 page views per day. With this much high traffic, i haven’t monetized it because it was part of my SEO experiments. For monetize purpose,  i have other blogs which fulfill my hosting and domain renewal bills.

Then on the 1st July, 2013, the day when i am about to monetize that blog, somehow,without any notification (email or warning) blogger official has suspended my whole blogspot account, deleted all blogs (70+) which is registered from that account.That account was used by me to experiment seo tricks with all the different niche and topics (i.e education, health,technology, SEO, bollywood, hollywood, Music, Sports etc).

Blogger Blogs Banned

That was the biggest disaster of my life. i applead in blogger forum, but after one month of long question answers, they said that i am not going to get my blogs back. I feel sad, not for the blogs i lost, but the mission i was working on it, with my blogs. After surfing some the sites and reading the Terms and condition of blogger in detail, i find the reason for suspension, That all i can do.

All the blogs are not having custom domain, no backups and the result, i lost all the good blogs, 2.5 years of hardwork. Thats not the end, while find the reason to get ban, i found a Blog, that is quite higher authority then me.  For some reasons i am not able to share the URL, but Let take a look at the another blogs example, which is suspended recently.

Blogger Suspended Blog Example

Blog Name :- Blogshear | blogger tips, tricks, tutorials and widgets

Blog URL :-

Banned reason :- Spam.

Banned on :- 25th June, 2013.

Alexa Rank:- 87,980 (at the time i am writing this).

Whats wrong with this blog?

First of all, this blog dose not belongs to me. This blog was owned by ____. This blog is having high traffic, good no readers and highly authorized. The person who owns this blog has appeal in the blogger forum [Link]. But Didn’t work anything. After few replies from blogger officials, the blog is no more. May be, blog owner doesn’t have backup.

What can we do in such case?

If you have hosted your blog on custom domain, then there are many ways you can re-start your blog at personal hosted platform, in case blogger suspend or delete your blog.

You can use 301 redirection and restart your blogs with out damage of single traffic/user.If you don’t have backup of your custom domain blog, you can still get all the post from google cache ( search this in google and get all the post via cache).

But if you haven’t add custom domain for your blog, like me, you are finished. Backup of all post can also be fetched in this case, but it won’t work as you lost the URL, all the things are useless.

So, Do i quite blogger? Nope, never ever, i still use blogger, with another account. As i got the reason(s) to get suspended from blogger, i am more careful, responsible. Always use custom domain with blogger, if you are addictive to blogger like me.Taking regular backup of blogger account is now Top in my To-Do list.

Then why is on WordPress?

Just expanding the wings, now Experiments will go on both blogspot and wordpress platform. Experiments and learning is the key for professional blogger. Try and error always worked for me and always for all.

Always keep one thing in mind, We either win or learn, never fail. :-)