Hostgator Coupon Code – Latest Discount offer

Are you searching for a best Hostgator discount codes and coupons of 2014? Well, there is good news for you! Hostgator has recently updated codes and coupons that will be very beneficial for Hostgator users.

Now, the questions comes is that how to use the code? I have described below step by step instructions to use the code.

Hostgator Coupon code for September 2014

hostgatorUse TECHDALE25  to Save 25% off on your hosting bills.

Use techdale994off to Get $9.94 off on your Hosting Package.

How to use Hostgator coupon code? 

If you want to use promo codes follow the instructions given below.

  • Go to the homepage of Hostgator
  • Now, select the package you want.
  • After that enter the code you have.


4 types of web hosting: 

There are 4 types of web hosting from which you can choose.

  1. Shared Hosting: In this hosting you can choose hatching, baby, and business plans. Moreover, you can share server with other customers. It is called shared hosting.
  2. Reseller Hosting: In this hosting you can get multiple IPs. With this facility, you can put your client’s on their own websites on different IPs.
  3. Dedicated Hosting: In this hosting if you expect your business to get the maximum visitors then you are going right! You will get dedicated IP. Moreover, you will have your entire server dedicated to you only.
  4. VPS Hosting: In this hosting the Virtual Private Server (VPS) enable you to run programs or host websites on remote server. With this hosting you will have more customization over the resources.

These are four types of web hosting you can choose from. 

Why select Hostgator? 

There are some strong reasons to select Hostgator. Here are they:

  1. One of the best features of Hostgator is its price. All the plans of Hostgator contains unlimited bandwidth, unlimited disk space, unlimited email accounts, free script access, and the capability to install CMS like wordpress in very short time.
  2. Customer support is the second feature to choose Hostgator. The team of Hostgator is co-operative and they always give quick solution of your problem. You can open support ticket, call on 1-800 number, and also the Live chat system is available.
  3. After that the best thing about Hostgator is their coupon codes.

For these reasons Hostgator is famous worldwide!

How to find the reason for traffic drop

After so many panda and penguin updates from Google, here i am giving you some tips to recover from the traffic drop. There are lots of and lots of blogs and sites are getting hit by Google search engine updates. And many of them get lots of financial damage with due respect to the drop in traffic.

Why i am writing this? After the recent hummingbird update and penguin 2.1 i can give you tons of blogs and sites which got almost 30-60% of huge traffic drop. Though, Google claims that only 1% search query will be effected. And these 1% can bring 80% [almost] of change in your monthly income, in case, if you are only depended on the Google traffic.

So, here is some of the tips i have observed while checking the traffic stats of my blogs via google webmaster. Before i write more, i am assuming that your blog are verified from google webmaster and google analytics. Because google analytics stats will help you to understand the scenario much better and easy way.

How to Find the Reason

Before you do anything, find the reason, why google hit you? There are lots of updates are going on nowadays by google to making “search more user friendly”. [Semantic web search]. so, its kinda hard to find the reason for the traffic drop. But i am giving you some tips and tools to find the traffic drop for your blog.

Then the next question that comes into your mind is, how to find the reason for traffic drop? which google update has hit my blog? its quite important to know as it will give you right direction while working for the recovery. so, here is tool called Barracuda’s Panguin Tool which will exactly tell you about which google update, your blog has been hit.

you can just go to the home page and allow google analytisc access to this tool, and this tool will automatically fetch the google anaytics data and via using their own tool, they will show you by which google update your blog is got hit and you will get the traffic drop reason.

See how Google's algorithm updates have impacted your traffic

See how Google’s algorithm updates have impacted your traffic

So, now you will get the details by which alog update, your blog has been hit, the reason for traffic drop is now comes to your mind.

Harsh Aggrawal has mentioned the Reason for getting hit by Google Panda :-

  • A website with low quality (Thin content)
  • A website which works as content farm
  • A website with useless pages indexed in Google (Same as content farm)
  • A website with improper SEO structure
  • Duplicate content
  • Too many advertisements
  • Poor grammar
  • Slow site loading time
  • SEO over optimization (Black hat SEO)

Reasons for getting hit by Penguin updates

  • Over-optimized anchor text
  • Links to and from ‘bad neighbourhoods’
  • Too many links from irrelevant sites
  • Black or grey hat tactics such as comment spam, links from spun content, guest posts from questionable sites etc.

How to recover from Google Panda – Penguin – Hummingbird updates

Well, there are lots articles already available on internet which has give a good solutions for such problems. you can follow the below links, if you need a tutorial for the recovery. Else, i would suggest you to do it your self and not make any more backlinks, as backlinks are dead.

Promote your blogs on Google+, facebook, LinkedIN and twitter as much as you can. That’s key to get traffic nowadays.

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